Disco Meches

Practical, quick and safe tool to create highlights.
Comb applicator: the specific tool to pull the lock of hair into Disco Meches.
Disco Meches allow you to choose the size of the lock: thick or thin.
Disco Meches is practical to retouch the grown-out of the highlights.
Disco Meches grants you a colouring from the roots.
The lock of hair is rolled up and separated out in the special aluminium foil.
Disco Meches makes it easy to separate out the existing highlights for overall colouring.

Washable and reusable

Set completo con:
20 meches da discoteca
1 pettine caricatore
1 spazzola

Lavabile e riutilizzabile
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Pack of 10 pieces.

Washable and reusable
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Pack of 30 sheets

Washable and reusable
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Loading comb
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