Comby Meches

Comby meches 
The technical innovation to create highlights

1- Allows you to maintain the strand overstretched
2- It ensures a perfect colouring of the hairline
3- It grants a total protection of the skin against staining

Comby M: to create thick wisps
Comby S: to create thin wisps

Apply: the specific tool to put into "Comby” to maintain the wisps overstretched

Comby Meches uses  two different materials: replaceable aluminium foil & thermal film to cut in the  length  you wish. 
Totally washable and reusable

Comby is functional, quick, safe and economical

L'innovazione tecnica nell'evidenziazione.

Garantisce la perfetta trazione della serratura.
Permette una colorazione dall'attaccatura dei capelli.
Protezione totale della pelle Antimacchie.

Lavabile e riutilizzabile
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Pack of 10 spare parts for Comby Meches
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